Your Day: Every wedding is unique, so I work throughout the day to capture all the laughter, tears, love and joy that make yours special. Everything I do is aimed at capturing those fleeting moments of emotion that reflect the personality of your wedding day.  Being asked to capture the best day of somebody’s life is a huge responsibility. And that’s why I never forget how important what I do is – no matter how busy, beautiful, hectic or fun things get, I am always striving to capture the best images that I possibly can.

It's also my job to keep the happy couple as relaxed as possible. I’ve met a lot of couples before the big day who are worried about feeling shy or not photographing well, and who have gone on tell to me how much fun they had, or how they barely noticed I was there.  Most importantly, their happiness shines through in their wedding photographs.

My Approach: I’m so lucky to be able to say that I absolutely love being a professional wedding photographer.  I always arrange a pre-wedding meeting with you, preferably at your wedding reception venue.  Not only does this help us get to know one another and calm any nerves you might have about being photographed, it also allows us to talk about the photographs you want and make those all-important rainy day contingency plans (just in case)! 

My main focus on the day is reflecting how you and your guests felt – without turning your wedding into a photoshoot. Wherever I can, I will blend in with the crowd, stay in the background and remain as unobtrusive as my camera allows.  By planning the photographs in advance, we can ensure that I've captured exactly what you're looking for in the most seamless way possible.